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Success Stories

Success Story

Survival Rundown

"Survival Rundown was a great success for me.  I felt more in control of my thoughts and environment.  I had fewer body pains than in the past few months.  I was able to postulate good events in my present time that have given great job satisfaction and regaining the "will to win".  We had an event that caused my team to win last Thursday.  Had several exterior moments that created great perception for my awareness.  My auditor and I have a great connection that will bring greater success as we go forward to Clear.


Success Story

Scientology Drug Rundown

"I was tremendously helped to release effects of harmful effects of drugs, over the counter meds and alcohol.  I particularly released a large hold on me from antibiotic usage.  I felt a sudden burst of freedom and elevation of excitement like raised from being pressed down and now could soar higher like exteriorization.  I have always felt that any product that decreases a person's survival is not in his best interest!"


Success Story

Ups & Downs in Life

I recently ran into my biggest past suppressive person. We talked and I told him I was happy he is doing well. He was visibly shaken to see me doing well, but the point of the whole thing is: I walked away laughing at myself – this is the guy whose words weighed so heavily on me??? He seemed so small and insignificant . . . How could I let myself be influenced so much?? And thinking and understanding it was always me, I was doing it to myself, amazing!!!

I have lost 45 lbs since you saw me last and I have that twinkle of confidence back in my eye since I have worked with you guys and started making money again and have a clear purpose in life.

Thank you Nick and Elaine for all your help.  Could not have done it without you guys.