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“I have a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences, but I never learned anything like this. All of the information is useful, and was presented in a manner that was easy to absorb. People can usually control me in a conversation, but after today I know that I’ll be able to control the conversation. Excellent course and well presented.”

- D.F.S.

“It was a great course. It helped me a lot in answering clients’ questions. It will help tremendously with my wife at home. When talking, sometimes I would get no reply. Then I would have no idea if my communication was complete. This course has completely resolved this. Excellent!”

- D.R.


“The success level of a person is his communication level.”
- L. Ron Hubbard
Honest relationships are built on trust and the ability to communicate effectively. Yet communication can be difficult, especially when you face tough situations at home, at work or with others.

The Success Through Communication Course gives you the edge you need to really get your ideas across. Learn effective communication skills to improve your life right now!

You’ll learn eighteen simple yet powerful techniques that will show you how to:

  • Handle any upset in communication and restore happiness to your relationship
  • Strike up a conversation with anyone, even an angry, shy or silent person
  • Be there comfortably and communicate in any situation
  • Become an effective listener
  • Divert a conversation smoothly off a subject when you don’t want to continue talking about it
  • Direct the attention back onto a subject that you want to discuss
  • End any conversation when you want to — without creating an upset.

The enrollment fee includes course supervision by our experienced staff and the necessary materials for the course.

For scheduled course times or to enroll in the Success Through Communication Course, call 316.682.8080 or email